About Spring/Fall UBU: Girls Programs

UBU Empowers Girls

COVID-19 has modified plans for the world, including the UBU: Girls' upcoming 8-week spring program. With the need to keep social distance, I cannot rent a space in the hopes the world will be back to normal by mid-April, although my fingers are crossed that it will be.

If I can find space and enough registrants, I will modifiy the program to offer it in July for interested participants--youth who identify as female going into Gr. 6 in 2020/21 up to those who just graduated from Gr. 8 in the 2019/20 school year.

UBU: Girls' program is a set of sessions about active wellness (typically, not drop-in), empowering young girls to be better communicators, more physically active, and more self-aware. The program emphasizes connection with others and our whole being: social, emotional, and physical.

UBU's founder leads most sessions while trained/expert guest instructors lead a few workshops that involve their area of expertise: connecting with nature, yoga, dance, speed training, injury prevention, etc.

Parents/guardians are kept in the loop of activities with weekly emails/updates along with surveys (for girls and guardians) to determine baselines at the beginning of sessions, midway, and after the program concludes to collect qualitative data to continually improve. 

Watch for Spring UBU: Girls Program Dates!

For girls in Grades 6-8.

Max. 15 participants per program & min. of 8.

Multi-sessions of fun involving group activities that encourage overall holistic well-being. 

What is UBU: Girls' 'Why'?

UBU: Girls touches on a variety of well-being tools every session exposing participants to different ways that may help relieve stress, anxiety, self-doubt, etc. What works for them may not resonate with another participant, which is why I introduce a variety of activities that gravitate towards different learning styles and personality types.

Participants can expect to do some journaling, crafts, outdoor exploration, walking, physical activities, group work, and hearing guest speakers' inspirational stories. outside and walk, sometimes run or do exercises all with the intent to help participants become more self aware, self-regulate extreme emotions, and become more resilient to everyday stressors.