About Spring/Fall UBU: Girls Programs

UBU Empowers Girls

UBU: Girls' multi-week program is a set of sessions about active wellness (not drop-in), empowering young girls to be better communicators, more physically active, and more self-aware. The program emphasizes connection with others and our whole being: social, emotional, and physical.

UBU's founder leads most sessions while trained/expert guest instructors lead a few workshops that involve their area of expertise: connecting with nature, yoga, dance, speed training, injury prevention, etc.

Parents/guardians are kept in the loop of activities with weekly emails/updates along with surveys (for girls and guardians) to determine baselines at the beginning of sessions, midway, and after the program concludes to collect qualitative data and always improve.

Watch for Spring UBU: Girls Program Dates!

For girls in Grades 6-8.

Max. 15 participants per program & min. of 8.

8 weeks of fun involving group activities that encourage overall holistic well-being. 

What is UBU: Girls' 'Why'?

UBU: Girls emphasizes the need for girls to be themselves. You be you (UBU). The program empowers girls be proud of their individual talents, acknowledge their challenges, and voluntarily be more physically active to boost lifelong healthy habits.

UBU: Girls emphasizes the idea to young girls that if they move more, empathize more, and try more new things, they'll connect more with others and feel better about themselves.