UBU's 2018 fall 8-wk program is Oct. 9-Dec. 4. | Sessions are underway!

About Us

We Empower Young Girls

UBU is an active wellness program for young girls to grow peer connections, make physical activity a lifestyle & build self-confidence and leadership skills. 

Registration Now Open!

From Oct. 9 - Dec. 4, 2018, up to 12 girls in Grades 6-8 can register for this 8-week program including weekly sessions of physical, mental, social, emotional, and leadership activities led by myself and other trained and certified instructors. 

Our Why

UBU stands for “You be you,” emphasizing the need for girls to be themselves and not second-guess it. Having girls shy away from speaking up for themselves, proving their abilities, and being less active is taking a huge toll on girls’ self-confidence and resulting in life-altering results: obesity, depression, promiscuity, anxiety, school challenges (i.e., low grades, reduced interest, bullying, etc.) and more.

There is a strong connection between the mind and body that is easily forgotten no matter a person's age, educational background, or fitness level.
UBU introduces the idea to young girls that if you take care of yourself by eating better, moving more, reaching out to others for help when needed, it will have an instant and positive effect on your well-being. The mind and body directly impact one another by pulling one another up or down.